Frank Wijckmans Vertical Agreements

Frank Wijckmans, a Belgian lawyer and partner at Brussels-based law firm Contrast, is a prominent figure in the field of vertical agreements. Vertical agreements refer to contracts or agreements between companies at different levels of the supply chain, such as those between manufacturers and distributors or between suppliers and retailers.

Wijckmans has extensive experience in dealing with vertical agreements and is known for his expertise in competition law. He has advised clients on various types of vertical agreements, including distribution agreements, franchising agreements, and selective distribution agreements.

One of the key issues in vertical agreements is to ensure that they do not violate competition law, particularly those related to anti-competitive practices. For instance, some vertical agreements may have a restriction on resale prices or may limit the ability of retailers to sell products online. Such practices may be viewed as anti-competitive, as they can limit competition and harm consumers.

Wijckmans has been involved in several high-profile cases related to vertical agreements and competition law. For example, he has represented clients in cases related to restrictive distribution practices in the automotive industry and the use of online platforms for the sale of products.

In addition to his work as a lawyer, Frank Wijckmans is also actively involved in teaching and research. He has published several articles and papers on competition law and has taught courses on the subject at various universities.

Overall, Frank Wijckmans is a respected figure in the field of competition law, particularly in relation to vertical agreements. His expertise and experience are highly valued by clients in various industries and his insights have contributed to the development of competition law in Europe and beyond.